Begin Tango.
Basics to Argentine Tango for absolute beginner.

7-8.15Pm Mondays at the Continental Club, 3700 Main st, 77002
8-9.15Pm Fridays at MECA, 1900 Kane st. 77007 (#202)
7.30-8.30Pm Thursdays at MECA, 1900 Kane st. 77007 (#202)

  • We start new class cycles at the beginning of each month.
  • Class is 75 min long, cycle has 1 class per week, 4 classes in total.
  • No registration or scheduling necessary for the beginner class.
  • No experience or partner required.

Four week cycle, basics to Argentine Tango for absolute beginner. In four weeks you will be introduced to the fundamentals of Argentine Tango. To mention few – tango walk, salida basica, front ad back ochos, ocho cortado and gyro. You will learn to use these steps comfortably within the line of dance staying connected with your partner and music.Perfect for those who are complete beginners, polishing their tango basics or wants to be challenged as a dancer with a new form of movement – Argentine Tango. All the steps are executed in milonguero- heart to heart embrace. After completing this cycle you are encouraged to repeat the cycle or move one step forward to midway to tango.

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Midway to tango.
Intermediate level dancers,

8.30-9.45 Pm Thursdays at MECA, 1900 Kane st. 77007 (#202)

Midway to Tango class is designed for dancers with complete knowledge of tango fundamentals (read Begin Tango). In Midway to Tango sessions You will learn changes of direction in linear and circular movements. You will be introduced to more advanced patterns and steps such as sandwich, parada, sacada and more. Emphasis in Midway Tango is placed on developing a skill to combine basic steps and translate it to a new musically flowing sequences. Steps and patterns are done in both milonguero and salon style embrace to dance all three tango genders: vals , milonga and tango./


Advance in Tango.
Argentine Tango advanced level group class.

8.00-9.15 Pm Friday nights at MECA, 1900 Kane st. 77007 (#202)

  • We start new class cycles at the beginning of each month throughout the year.
  • Class is 75 min long, cycle has 1 class per week, 4 classes in total.
  • Email Indre to check if you qualify and register for the advanced level class,

Advance in tango course is offered to those who already feel pretty comfortable in their tango shoes, nevertheless understanding the endless process of learning, subject study and growth as a dancer. In order to take this course you must have at least 1 year of tango or other dance experience. In this course you will learn to maintain continuous connection and perfect balance while executing the most advanced argentine tango figures, such as ganchos, colgadas, volcadas, boleos in sequences that flow well with most famous tango orchestras . You will be given challenging exercises that will refine your technique and creative musical expression. Which will allow you to move through the dance floor smoothly.

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