Tango musicality workshop with Joaquin Amenabar

Explaining music: musician to a dancer.Seminar dedicated to deepen musical understanding of tango. More about Joaquin Amenabar

Friday, July 20:

8:00 pm: Melodic phrasing:  understanding melody systems in tango orchestras. All levels.
9:30 pm- 1:00 am Cielito Lindo milonga.
11:00 pm – Solo bandoneon by Joaquin Amenabar.

Saturday, July 21

2:00 – 3:30 pm: The role of the melody in tango compared to other dances and basic rhythm. Int.
3:45- 5:15 pm:  Improvising to the melody and improvising to the rhythmical base.  Differences. Int-Adv.

Sunday. July 22: 

2:00 – 3:30 pm: Syncopa.  Rhythmical units of the argentine tango. Int-Adv.
3:45 – 5.15 pm:  Milonga:  Rhythmical Milonga units.  Differences between double time and traspié. Int.


Friday Milonga – $10
Single lesson – $30
Two lessons – $55
All Five lessons – $ 120

To reserve your spot in the workshops, book a private, or get more information
Contact Indre: indrerapal@gmail.com, 713-319-4330.
Workshop is held at Cielito Lindo (MECA #202), 1900 Kane st, 77007 Houston TX.

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